words for you ♥ pt. 4

Somehow, somewhere my plan to sneak closer started to move on. I didn’t even see it first, but sometimes when I found myself cuddling with him on his bed or when I touched his hair I got the shivers. Ladies there, you know the feeling – and maybe lads too (I don’t know since I’ve never been a lad). So there were the shivers which woke me up to realize that my friendly happiness maybe wasn’t so unconditional with him. And so, I started to get even closer. After we’d reached the lip section I decided to talk – and that’s how I got that boy. He was hesitant and doubted himself even if I saw right trough him; and I knew he wasn’t the type to play with his close friends feelings.

Over these couple of years that have passed that boy is no longer any boy. He has grown into a man (my man, I have to note) and I can tell – nothing I felt for that boy back there is compared to what I feel now. That overwhelming, ever so consuming but same time blissful love I feel – fainting is the least symptom I feel close to. Some days I feel like dying of love, sometimes from happiness and sometimes from longing.

It’s confusing to notice these little, stupid but important things love makes us do. This is one of them. I don’t need to write this, but I still do. Haha. Funny me. Funny love.
(Now I'm gonna sneak sleeping next to him when I still can.)